Projects 2018
Project dates  Location Details of works  Routes affected  Project status  Works type 
Early Feburary 2018 South Melbourne

Park Street Tram Stop

58 Completed Tram stop construction
28 April to 1 May 2018 Ascot Vale, Maribyrnong

Track repair and signal points

57 and 82 Completed Track renewal and maintenance
4 to 12 May 2018 Balaclava

Tram track and overhead renewal

3/3a and 16 Completed Track renewal and maintenance
26 to 29 May 2018 Parkville

Flemington Road track repair and signal points

57, 58 and 59 Completed Track renewal and maintenance
9 to 16 June 2018 Moreland

Moreland Road tram track and overhead renewal

1, 6 and 19 Completed Track renewal and maintenance
May 2018 CBD

Flinders St Substation Facade Installation

N/A In progress Substation
Mid-2017 to mid-2018 St Kilda 

St Kilda Junction Substation

N/A In progress Substation

Works _1

Project status

Planned:  The need for works has been identified and detailed planning has commenced. Work dates have been identified in consultation with relevant authorities.  Dates may change closer to the commencement of works due to unexpected circumstances.  Please monitor this webpage and check for updated community notifications to stay informed.  Some preparatory works may commence in the area before the actual date.

In progress:  Works are underway. Some further works may be required to continue after the project dates.

Completed:  The main works have been completed.  Some ongoing finishing works may be required.

Standard type of works

Tram stop construction

What: Building of accessible tram stops.

Benefits: Assists people who are mobility impaired, the elderly, or people with prams to more easily board trams.

Impact: Involves heavy construction over a short period of time, generally less than one week. Roads and tram tracks will be closed during the major works, with tram service changes and traffic diversions required.

Timing: Stops will generally open immediately after the major works has finished. However, commissioning work to the tram stop may continue for a number of weeks.

Track renewal and maintenance

What: On average tram tracks are replaced every 30 years. With 250 kilometres of double track across Melbourne's network, Yarra Trams has an ongoing program of replacing and repairing tram tracks at different locations each year.

Benefits: Improves safety by delivering a better road surface for motorists and cyclists, and ensures a smoother and quieter ride for tram passengers.

Impact:  Track renewal involves heavy work to break the road surface, remove old tracks, replace with new tracks and resurface the road.

Track maintenance involves the repair of damaged track and broken concrete, road resurfacing and the renewal of line markings. Associated dust and noise from machinery, vehicles and work crews is unavoidable. We do everything we can to keep impact to a minimum. The use of reverse beepers and flashing lights is a safety requirement and these devices cannot be switched off.

Timing:  This work is often conducted outside normal working hours in order to minimise disruption to daytime traffic and the surrounding community. Crews generally work continuously day and night to complete the work. Road closures and tram service changes are required while this work occurs. The duration of these projects, and the consequent disruption to traffic and trams, depends on the length of track to be renewed or repaired.


What: New substations being constructed have been strategically placed in key locations required in the tram network.

Benefits: Substations are critical to boost the capacity of the tram network. These power upgrades will improve reliability of services and support newly upgraded infrastructure and trams with increased capacity.

Impact/timing: It generally takes about seven months to complete the build and installation of a substation. However, the level of on-site work will vary during this time with long periods of low activity. Residents can expect construction vehicle movements through the local area and will experience some construction related noise. In some cases, there may be temporary lane closures required during construction or installation of the building.

Other works (not listed in the above table)


What:  Power is supplied to trams through overhead wires. With more than 500 kilometres of overhead wire, regular maintenance and renewal is required.

Impact/timing: Works are typically done overnight to minimise the effect on road traffic and tram services, although sometimes road closures and tram service changes are required. Heavy works are not usually required unless power poles need to be removed or replaced. While these pole works can be noisy, most overhead power works do not create excessive noise.

Third party works 

What: Works undertaken by a third party (not by Yarra Trams) but can affect tram services. This includes VicRoads and Council road works, building construction involving cranes, utility repairs and maintenance. 

Impact/timing:  While Yarra Trams works with the external organisation to minimise tram service disruptions, we do not have direct control over the works. Any enquiries should be directed to the organisation or utility undertaking the works.

Third party works and events, which may affect tram services, are listed on our Service Changes page.

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