Working Around Yarra Trams Infrastructure

Any works conducted near tram infrastructure (including but not limited to tracks, overhead and substations) must be approved by Yarra Trams prior to commencement.

Submissions must be sent to Yarra Trams at least six (6) weeks prior to scheduled/proposed commencement of works.  For complex works that may involve infrastructure reconfigurations or relocation Yarra Trams requires a minimum six (6) months' notice.

Traffic Management Plans will only be processed once relevant permits have been approved. Traffic Management companies initiating the works must comply with all items in point four (below).

1.  Working in the vicinity of Yarra Trams electrical assets

The Entity must contact the Yarra Trams for any works within 6.4 metres of Yarra Trams electrical assets (as below). This includes works that may encroach on: overhead assets, underground assets or Electrical Substations.

No Go Zone 


Underground assets

Underground clearances

All submissions must be sent to with the following details:

  • Scope of works
  • Job location
  • Contact name and phone number
  • Business name
  • Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)
  • Any available relevant photographs and/or drawings
  • Any prior correspondence with Yarra Trams relating to the works

All submissions are logged and you will be contacted by a Yarra Trams representative.

2. Bore works beneath tram tracks

For any bore works beneath tram tracks (additional to requirements in Point 1 above) the Entity should contact Gary Tillotson (Project Manager, Track & Facilities Contracts) separately via email to

3. Asphalt works or concrete grinding within tram reserves

Additional to requirements in Point 1 (above) the Entity should contact to arrange pre-inspection of the tracks.

4. Traffic Management Plans (TMP): Submitting a TMP to Yarra Trams

Yarra Trams operates the Melbourne tram network under a franchise agreement with the State Government which has an "Operational Performance Regime" (OPR). Under the current franchise, Yarra Trams receives OPR penalties for any deviation from the schedule.

Yarra Trams requires a TMP to be submitted for works:

  • Within 20 metres of a tram stop flag (works on or off the road)
  • Within a road reserve that has tram tracks (either on a shared road environment or where trams are segregated from traffic)
  • Requiring traffic to be diverted onto a tram route

TMP Requirements:

The TMP should be submitted to Yarra Trams via email to ten (10) business days prior to scheduled commencement of the works. The TMP submission should include the following information:

  • Contact details for the Entity/works (1) manager
  • Company name
  • Name of applicant
  • Job title (e.g. supervisor/project manager)
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Brief description/scope of works
  • Proposed schedule of works (i.e. dates and times)

Use of the VicRoads Proforma, as shown at the rear of the Road Management Act 2004 Code of Practice (Management of Infrastructure in Road Reserves), is encouraged as a way of speeding up the consent process for all parties concerned.

5. Yarra Trams requirements for works with the vicinity of a tram stop

Yarra Trams has an obligation to the health and safety of its passengers.

The use of fixed/rigid traffic control/management devices - such as arrow boards or lateral hazard markers - within operational kerbside tram stops (i.e. within the sign posted "No Standing" zone adjacent to a tram stop "flag") is not supported.

Traffic management devices, mentioned above, present an unacceptable injury risk to passengers.

Witches hats along the length of a tram stop placed along the kerbside edge of the yellow "fairway" lines is acceptable.

Kerbside tram stops can be closed or relocated provided Yarra Trams receives Notification according to the following requirements:

  • As indicated in the Road Management Act 2004 Code of Practice (Management of Infrastructure in Road Reserves), works significantly impacting upon or preventing access to a stop requires 10 working days' notice
  • Any works in the vicinity of a tram stop, which does not prevent access to the stop, requires at least two business days' notice

Any person wishing to conduct works of this nature must submit their plan for approval to Yarra Trams by emailing within the above time frames.

(1) Coordinating Road Authorities and Yarra Trams consider the works manager to be responsible for all aspects of site management including tram priority. Yarra Trams needs to be able to contact the works manager directly to ensure safety, in terms of compliance with ESV requirements, and promptly resolving any issues regarding the works method, tram delays, and so forth.


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